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i went to the local shop at 603 B street Columbia Ave. Lexington SC. I had stated that i wanted an oil change and my fluids topped off at the advertised rate,(i called first to make sure they had time) i also told them i wanted my front brakes checked and if needed i wanted them replaced.Well they came and had me go look at my jeep,they guy in the shop had what he said was my air filter out and it "had to be changed" i told him i only wanted my... Read more

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Precision Auto Care on Jonesboro Road in Forest Park, Georgia is a complete rip-off. I took my van there to have the cv axle replaced, and the technician failed to get the job done right almost three times. then, they proceeded to tell me I need a new transmission, which was never the case. I ask them to replace the motor mounts after talking to some more knowledgeable mechanics about problem. They said they would and then gave me the van back... Read more

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I have been a loyal customer for a while and I just spent over 1500 dollar in October2015. Every time I come to get my oil change they want to charge me for something else but I ask for a diagnostic and you want to charge me 99 dollars. I think since I've been a customer so long you should do it free and if something wrong you are making money any way that's how you keep good customers Add comment

My granddaughter had her car repaired by this company which cost $500+ when she drove the car, it wasn't driving right so she took it back to them. They told her it was a bolt that broke off and they would take care of it. They called her and told her it was ready. When she picked up, it broke down and had to be towed. Now they claim the head gasket is blown. If the head gasket was bad and you service my vehicle normally, why didn't they see the... Read more

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my car was running fine until I took it in for a oil change on Monday after that now I am without a car the very next day the motor blowed on my car Add comment

I bought my car into Precision tune in San Jose, CA to get my transmission rebuilt on my truck. When I picked it up my air suspension was completely deflated. I asked why my truck was sitting so low and Carlos the manager told me to drive it a few days and the bags will eventually fill up and lift the truck. This did not happen. They took my 2300 for the transmission, broke my suspension and sent me on my way like nothing happened. This is so... Read more

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I went there to get my oil changed and brakes done sat there for 3 hrs and they just couldnt seem to get my brakes right after the 30 min test drive he came back brakes were smoking not to mention i had 55 miles of gas when i got there and left with 20 smh and he said they needed more time wow more time...ok so i went to leave my car was worse than when i brought it in wouldnt excel over 20 mph took it right back the owner was there at the time... Read more

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I had my oil changed on 2/23/2016 at the shop located in McDonough, GA. Two weeks later my oil light comes on and my engine starts knocking before it ultimately blows out. I called my local store and they asked me to put some oil in the car and drive it up there. I tell them that the car is not driveable. He said that there wasn't anything that he could do unless he saw the vechicle. I had my car towed up there early Saturday morning and while I... Read more

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Very disrespectful ill never go there again Add comment

The waiting area is nice but the communication about price for total service is poor! I heard a conversation about overcharge while sitting in wait; I am called to check out only to learn my amount is almost $200 more. Yes she "showed me the clipboard" but not once showed me the fact, that was covered. I know better to never assume. I will go back to Chevy next time. I did appreciate the service guy-he was thorough. Read more

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