Special price fuel injector service $59.00 for my 2008.chevy silverado.5.3 all they did was pour 1 qt. Of combustion cleaner in my vacuum Line connected to my break booster (what a joke). Add comment

Oil change requested , end up with a cracked radiator top. My van call for orange antifreeze, they put green in the radiator. My van started leaking antifreeze immediately. They tell me it is leaking oil because I have a major oil leak.I am not ***, I know oil is not green.I want something done.This is not right. Juanita Smith 4046302455 Add comment

Came in for oil change and tire rotation special. Was told I had to have printed coupon although it didn't say that anywhere on the coupon. I have been waiting for over an hour because there is no lift available and the manager has "no idea" how long it'll be. Last time I'm coming here wasting my day! Add comment

  • Oct 17
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Oil Change
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I took my 2002 Kia in for a tune up oil change and cv axles to be fixed and IT paid 656.60 fo this work and when IT got my car back it was skipping worse than when IT took it in so IS called them a couple of days later and was told to bring it back and they relized they didn't put new wires or boots so they replaced it for free which was nice but still didn't help still skipping so my husband... Read more

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  • Sep 30
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Florence, South Carolina
  • Car Repair
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My name is Pamela Charles. I am sending you this email to inform you about a serious matter. I have reached out to the corporate office and I spoke with Darryl at ext 204. He returned my call on today @9:16. Darryl wasn't helpful to me, that is way I'm reaching out to you. I had my 2003 Tahoe service on Sept 24, 2014. I requested to have my tires rotate and balanced, because I was traveling out... Read more

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  • Sep 24
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Car Idling
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after telling me all these other things that was wrong which added up to $ 1700 So I told him just do what it takes to stop it from doing that again. He said he would put a new idling valve on that should the car from ilding and shuting down. So he calim he put the new idler on. When I left the shop I notic it was still idling down so I thought maybe it just need driving. A day and a half later... Read more

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  • Sep 16
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Lakemont, Georgia
  • Engine
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I took my Toyota Camry to Precision Tune. And they began yo diagnose my car they said I needed to park my car because the engine was going to fall out. I was told I needed 3motor mounts; controls and a tire rid which added up to 1,863 .they kept my car in the air. I told them I would be back. They told me I dont need to be driving the car especially since I have kids. Yes they was trying to scare... Read more

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Went there to get my oil changed and found a screw drewer in my hood and my car leaked oil took it to a mechanic and found out the didnt tighten the oil filter and the bolts were loose. Unbelievable but lesson learned. Add comment

Complete rip off and do not do all the services they advertise in the signature plus oil change. Said I needed new brakes and and all kinds of break services. They never checked the breaks. I just had them completely replaced less than a month ago. Stay away. Add comment

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